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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Victory Gardens for 10-10-10 Challenge Launched Today

This is it! We're on another journey to get you in the garden growing food, planting native and drought-tolerant plants.

I won't say much here, for now, because there's plenty information and participation at our website. But, I do want to encourage you to get involved. Your imagination is all it takes. No time to imagine? Then, we really want you in the garden. The best ideas are found there :)

Go to the Victory Garden Foundation and sign up as a member, or for the newsletter so that you keep up-to-date about our progress and how you may get involved.

We're pushing for activities leading up to and including Oct 10, 2010 (before the ground gets hard) to garden and prepare to be a part of growing your food at home. Get involved.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

It's a Global Concern

Some of you may remember our May 15-16 gardening challenge weekend. There were Garden Work Parties in many locations to draw attention to our global climate issue through food gardening at home. I enjoyed the glee in the eyes of all of the volunteers that were at Garden Work Parties in Oakland and Berkeley CA. I wish I could have visited everyone around the globe that participated.

We started the challenge a little more than 3 weeks before the May 15-16 weekend at the urging of organizers at iGrowSonoma. And, I am entirely grateful for their encouragement and support to help make gardeners aware of the need to continue doing their great work by growing food in and around their communities.

We registered 170 food gardeners growing food (or a member of a work crew) in at least 94,000 square feet of space. That's a little over 2 acres of food and about $20,000 to $40,000 of food savings depending on the crop.And the uncounted impact of reducing transportation going to the market.
Seventy of these gardens are on the 350 Garden Challenge map representing almost 35,000 square feet of food gardening at home

And, we know of others who did not register; but they weighed in supporting the 350 Victory Garden Challenge. I think that's impressive. 

Let's see your face in your community
But it's not enough. So, now ... we partner again with 350.org and many other businesses, organizations, and individuals to "get to work." That's the theme of this next challenge to bring awareness our gas emissions problems on a global platform. On October 10, 2010 people around the global will join in to be let our governments, businesses, and individuals know that it's time to "get to work" to bring our carbon gas emissions down to 350 parts per million. Today, we sit at about 392 ppm. That's not acceptable.
This level is taking a toll of the health of individuals and the planet as a whole. There are health issues associated with this high level of gas emissions. As individuals, we can do much to reduce this trend: just for one day a week; leave the car at home ... bike or walk for the day. Change all your light bulbs to CFLs. Plant a tree. Plant a water-wise garden removing the lawn and planting native, drought-tolerate plants; and my favorite thing to do ... Plant a Food Garden.

You can plant your garden indoors, outdoors, on the stairs, balcony, patio, and roof. Plant vertically. Just plant it to eat it! And, help your neighbor plant it to eat it!
This month the Victory Garden Foundation again launches a challenge everyone around the world to grow your food at home and help something else grow their food. This is our 10.10.10 Victory Garden Challenge. Our goal: 101010 people registered and growing food, joining a garden work crew, teaching others to grow food and be great stewards of our plant, biking and walking to gardens to discuss our global gas emission issues, helping to prepare gardens, and just having a great time meeting your neighbors and expanding your community.

On August 21st; we'll officially launch our 10.10.10 Victory Garden Challenge although we never stopped the 350 Victory Garden Challenge ;) And, You are the most important part of this challenge. We need you to participate, talk about this situation, get the word out, let the politicians know they need to "get to work" and resolve these gas emissions issues. Because, We, the People are ready to Get to Work.
We think we have some exciting ideas and programs to help you take a stand on this very important issue. And, this time, we have more than 3 weeks to get the word out.
Look for this button at Victory Garden Foundation
So, I ask, are you ready to Get to Work? Tell us about it and be counted. I think on a global level, individuals, cities, communities, businesses, schools, churches, clubs, and neighbors joining together can show that on 10.10.10 there's nothing like a global nation getting to work!

Watch the Victory Garden Foundation website for more information about why you should get involved and how you may get involved.
Be a Fan and Like on FaceBook at Victory Gardens for 10-10-10
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Get more information about the 350.org 10-10-10 Global Work Party.

I'm looking forward to working with you to Get to Work!

Friday, July 16, 2010

We, The People ...

"... have the right the grow our own food, be healthy, active, and pursue happiness in our communities.

In celebration of our country's Independence Day; we bring to you this special edition of Your Victory Garden newsletter. We hope that you enjoy a bit of history and a lot of today's joy in your Victory Garden."

And for those kids from Barretts World in the Garden; here's your answer to 'What is a Victory Garden' 

Click on the Blog Entry Title "We, The People" above for the answer

Friday, May 21, 2010

Victory V Lee: Take Your Shovel on the Road

Victory V Lee: Take Your Shovel on the Road

Take Your Shovel on the Road

Hello Garden Friends,
I think I'm just coming up for a bit of air after the whirlwind 350 Garden Challenge. I'm jazzed about the response received from so many people around the world that are interested in growing food at home. We've just scratched the surface and will continue the movement to get more folks in their garden space to grow food.

Some of our volunteers last weekend just couldn't wait another weekend before getting into their gardens and having Garden Work Parties. We have a couple of them in Berkeley CA this coming weekend that will be huge learning labs and a lot of fun. These hosts are serious about healthy eating. 

This is Bonnie's Back 40x40
There will be a Garden Work Party here this weekend and maybe again soon!

We have projects happening tomorrow and beyond to continue reaching out to gardeners with and without gardens including informational and support meetings for neighbors that want to organize other neighbors in walking distance to grow food at home and work together in their garden space. We call these groups of food growers Victory Garden Networks.

As I visited many of the Garden Work Parties last weekend; I thought about the days in college that I didn't have garden space to grow food. I would grow herbs in the windowsill although it didn't get great sun; but I did get some herbs. Later, I moved to a small townhouse and I planted tomatoes in a pot and placed them on my little 4x3 foot porch :) We couldn't open the screen door all the way because of the tomato plant. That inconvenience was well worth the trouble! :) I planted one zucchini plant and a couple of corn plants (I just love corn's scientific name: Zea Mays) next to the stairs in the back (in about the same amount of space as the front porch size) and made zucchini bread for days! Hmmm ... I'm now a champion Zucchini Bread maker in my own mind.
Claire's Small Space Garden will reap Large Benefits

All the while, I just felt I was missing something. And after all of these years, it occurred to me - If I would have had the opportunity to go to someone's garden to help them grow food; I would have been satisfied. Sure, I got some of my neighbors together to grow food. They had the same small amount of space that I did. I'd tell them about how to grow their food; but with such small space; there was barely the need for one person to maintain the 'garden.' :) If I'd just had the opportunity to go to someone's backyard and help them garden. WoW! That would have been such a treat.
Alice's Frontyard Menagerie with Volunteers ... many are hidden :)

A new proud gardener holding the taproot of a Lemon Sorrel - Who knew we had to dig so deep!
And, learned to use garden tools to prune a pathway to the raised bed

And, I believe that the volunteers without their own garden space (and there are many) that come out to help others in their gardens are very special people. They are satisfied and fulfilled with doing the weed work; removing plants; helping fruit trees to breathe around their drip line; prune unruly fruit trees, herbs, and other plants in the garden. Their reward is knowing that they are sharing! That's the Victory Garden spirit. And, there are volunteers with their own gardens. They could be at home working in their gardens; but they've taken their valuable time to help someone and probably help some plants that need a home. That's special. That's the Victory Garden spirit.

Watching and interacting with others in the garden is a great social activity. Have you heard some of the stories in the garden? Unbelievable! And, Believable. What about the snail story ... comparing shell stripes and finding that "this snail is not for around here!" :)

And weeding and finding unidentifiable plants that have alien looking roots?

Gardening is a trip, an adventure, a wonderful experience! And, especially when you are engaged in an activity that just going to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. And, remember, the vegetables need pollinators so plant some flowers to attract them.

Wherever you are, I encourage you to find a garden to nurture and care for! Keep an eye on our calendar for Garden Work Parties. Organize and add your Garden Work Party to the Calendar and volunteers will come with their garden stories; their shovels; their blank canvass to learn and help; seeds and plants to contribute; favorite dish for a potluck; their personal stories; make new friends; and connect with old friends.

The garden of food is a beautiful thing! I hope to see you in the garden ...


Sunday, May 9, 2010

What to do now?

As we're nearing our big challenge weekend; I thought I'd give you a bit more to think about. You know, when you garden; there's always something to do.

Check it out.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Victory Garden 350 Garden Challenge

Right after my last entry; I received a challenge from a member of the iGrowSonoma team to get involved with getting 350 gardeners to work in their gardens on May 15 - 16, 2010. That was quite a challenge and that has taken be away from the blog. So, I'm taking a little breather this morning (before going to a Garden Work Party) to share this journey with you.

This logo started it all!

So, just about a month ago, I decided to ask The Victory Garden Foundation Inc to take the challenge and register 350 gardens/gardeners to have some gardening fun on one weekend. In less than 48 hours; the website was updated, the maps were prepared to receive the gardens and we were off and running ... of course, with the wonderful help of Lynn Renn with iGrowSonoma. What a champ!

Getting out the word about the challenge has been the main thing. As a new organization, that is always the main thing :)

Now, it's about a month later and one week before the challenge. I'm very excited about how many responses we've received and how many wonderful people I've met through social media and in person. It's such a reward to touch people in this way learning about their passion and desire for being good stewards of our planet, eating healthy, reducing stress, enjoying God's gifts, and connecting and sharing with others. This is the truly the spirit that Victory Garden Foundation was founded.

A small space can reap large benefits

We continue to reach out to encourage the growth of edibles at home leading into next weekend and beyond ... more garden hosts and work crew volunteers are needed. And, I look forward to hearing about all of the gardeners' activities from the Challenge Weekend.

Some people are just sharing a quite, fun weekend with close friends and family in the garden. Others are hosting garden parties with work crews to get some plantings done, view the bee hives, chickens and more. Can you imagine hundreds of locations as the site for hundreds of people getting together to share the wonders of growing food at home? From apartment dwellers with a sunny window, porch or balcony to the abundance of space for urban farm animals and edible crops.

Dog Island Farm in the backyard :)

If you haven't joined in ... please do! Although the numbers are great to have; it's more important that you just get into a garden situation on May 15-16.  Your garden, your neighbor's garden, a public garden! We would love for you to register to let us know that you're gardening and send photos - especially photos from the Challenge Weekend. Have fun, enjoy, and prepare to garden! Check out some of the photos from registered gardeners.