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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Victory Garden 350 Garden Challenge

Right after my last entry; I received a challenge from a member of the iGrowSonoma team to get involved with getting 350 gardeners to work in their gardens on May 15 - 16, 2010. That was quite a challenge and that has taken be away from the blog. So, I'm taking a little breather this morning (before going to a Garden Work Party) to share this journey with you.

This logo started it all!

So, just about a month ago, I decided to ask The Victory Garden Foundation Inc to take the challenge and register 350 gardens/gardeners to have some gardening fun on one weekend. In less than 48 hours; the website was updated, the maps were prepared to receive the gardens and we were off and running ... of course, with the wonderful help of Lynn Renn with iGrowSonoma. What a champ!

Getting out the word about the challenge has been the main thing. As a new organization, that is always the main thing :)

Now, it's about a month later and one week before the challenge. I'm very excited about how many responses we've received and how many wonderful people I've met through social media and in person. It's such a reward to touch people in this way learning about their passion and desire for being good stewards of our planet, eating healthy, reducing stress, enjoying God's gifts, and connecting and sharing with others. This is the truly the spirit that Victory Garden Foundation was founded.

A small space can reap large benefits

We continue to reach out to encourage the growth of edibles at home leading into next weekend and beyond ... more garden hosts and work crew volunteers are needed. And, I look forward to hearing about all of the gardeners' activities from the Challenge Weekend.

Some people are just sharing a quite, fun weekend with close friends and family in the garden. Others are hosting garden parties with work crews to get some plantings done, view the bee hives, chickens and more. Can you imagine hundreds of locations as the site for hundreds of people getting together to share the wonders of growing food at home? From apartment dwellers with a sunny window, porch or balcony to the abundance of space for urban farm animals and edible crops.

Dog Island Farm in the backyard :)

If you haven't joined in ... please do! Although the numbers are great to have; it's more important that you just get into a garden situation on May 15-16.  Your garden, your neighbor's garden, a public garden! We would love for you to register to let us know that you're gardening and send photos - especially photos from the Challenge Weekend. Have fun, enjoy, and prepare to garden! Check out some of the photos from registered gardeners.

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