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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Crusin' Saturday

Hey Friends,
Today has started to be a wonderful weather day and a day to meet new friends and gardeners. After working a bit in The Victory Garden Foundation's demonstration garden; I walked over to a Garden Work Party at Alice's home. Because of another commitment; my plan was to do some power gardening at Alice's for 30 minutes. Well, 30 minutes became 60 minutes. What a wonderful experience.

By the time I left; we had about 6 volunteers stop by to help ... and it was still early. We started with the gardening mantra led by Laurence of Berkeley who was also our minstrel with wonderful song and instrument music; and he is our organizer extraordinaire! Although Alice's passion is rare fruit (and she has a lot in her gardens); she grows plenty vegetables and  herbs ... broccoli rabi, collards, purple and common mustard greens, gooseberries, kale, parsley, strawberries, chicory and more.

While grooming the garden; Alice picked lunch. Hmm! I'm sorry I missed that! But a steady diet of broccoli rabi while working did the trick for me. In my rush, I did not have my camera ... an unusal thing. So, I cannot share through photo. But, trust me ... you will want to be at the next Garden Work Party. You can also host a party and volunteers will come to your yard to help you. If you want a little training before the next party; attend the Grow Your Food 101 at The Victory Garden Foundation on February 20th.

For more information about the Garden Work Parties and Grow Your Food 101 classes, go to The Victory Garden Foundation calendar. If you're interested in hosting a Garden Work Party; let us know. Contact Laurence.

More next time ... V!

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